Roseline Academy provides accredited Body sculpting and Lymphatic drainage courses – such as Wood therapy aka Maderotherapy, Brazilian body sculpture massage technique, Lymphatic drainage, MLD & Post op care, and Ice body sculpting.

We also provides courses in Facial wood therapy, Facial sculpting massage, Cavitation and Dermaplaning.

Besides weekly blog posts, you can also take online Self care courses ( for cellulite reduction or facial lymphatic drainage and Wood therapy / Maderotherapy courses courses for professional therapist.

Our most popular courses are Brazilian Body Sculpture and Wood therapy – Power Technique  & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course and Post-Operative care . Below you can find additional details.

Brazilian Body Sculpture & Wood therapy – Power Technique ( two in one ) £899

 (4 pieces handmade tool set included, worth £350)


This powerful fusion of body sculpting techniques will help you to maneuver the adipose tissue while targeting cellulite reduction and body contouring.

In this course the student will develop abilities to apply maneuvers of the shaping massage, executing the sequence, the rhythm, and the expected pressure, while respecting indications and contraindications of the technique followed by active and passive stretching.

Learn how to shape the client’s waist, lift the buttocks, inch loss, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening! Visible results after the first session.

Course content:

-Health & safety

-Related anatomy & physiology

-Cellulite causes treatment

-Localised fat causes and treatment

-Flaccidity causes treatment

-Introduction body massage

-Body disharmony & massage tools

-Indications and contraindications

-Massage application & cosmetology 

-Madero Therapy / wood therapy

-Consultation, aftercare advise

-Waist tightening in the first massage session

-Significant reduction of upper and lower flanks

-Reduction of measurements on the abdomen, culottes, hip, legs and thighs

-Cellulite, localized fat and flaccidity improvement

-Swelling Improvement

-Lifting and modelling of gluteus 

-Accredited and insurable certificate

Bonus lessons: 

-Marketing guide 

-Supporting material (forms, list of products, clients aftercare advise) 

-Ongoing support for 2 weeks

Pre-requisites: Body Swedish Massage or Anatomy and Physiology, Beauty or Nursing qualifications . 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course and Post-Operative care £999

MLD therapist or Post-surgery care. This course is for level 3 beauticians, physiotherapists, and healthcare professionals.

You will gain the skills and knowledge required to enable you to perform professional lymphatic drainage massage treatments on clients, using Dr. Vodder and other MLD massaging techniques to suit your client’s individual needs or to further your career in beauty or complementary therapy.


Manual Lymphatic drainage techniques facilitate the removal of metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria, large protein molecules, and foreign substances from tissue via the initial lymph vessels and the venous capillaries. In addition, it relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, reduces pain, and enhances the activity of the immune system.

It is an effective treatment for a variety of issues including edema, skin disorders, cellulite, localized fat, headache, sinus congestion, sprains and aches, stress, and digestive disorders and it can be used before and after surgery to remove tissue congestion and minimize scar formation. It is particularly useful as part of post-cosmetics surgery therapy helping with edema, and fibrosis, and relieving pain and tension.

We specialize in providing small classes which makes us one of the most popular training schools.

Furthermore, we are passionate about ensuring you receive excellent training with professional and friendly tutors that provide straightforward tuition to make sure your day is special.

Course contents: 

-Physiological effects of the drainage in the body

-Lymphatic drainage elements and direction

-Lymphatic drainage intensity and duration

-Lymphatic drainage progress

-Professional characteristics

-Indications and contra indications

-Lymphatic drainage sequence

-Different types of cosmetics surgery 

-Dealing with complications fibrosis and seroma 

-Kinesthetic taping

-Treatment evidence form

-Accredited and insurable certificate

Bonus lessons: 

-How to use kinesiology tapes 

-Marketing guide 

-Supporting material (forms, list of products, clients aftercare advise) 

-Ongoing support for 2 weeks

If you have any questions for Jasmina about the courses we offer, you can contact her by sending us a message.