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Brazilian lymphatic drainage anyone?

When clients ask me about Brazilian lymphatic drainage, I have to disappoint them and tell them that such a thing does not exist! There is Brazilian sculpting massage or lymphatic drainage. As much as I love everything about Brazilian beauty, Brazilian lymphatic drainage is just a marketing move, and here is why. Body sculpting massage  …

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Liposuction – what to expect?

The liposuction is becoming increasingly popular procedure. If you are thinking to have such a procedure yourself, here are few things to know before you start planning your journey. To perform the liposuction surgery your cosmetic practitioner will be using a small cannula ultrasound probe to dissolve the fatty layer and remove excess fat cells …

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Do you have loyal clients?

Client loyalty is the key to success in business. Yet with so many competitors and everyone vying for the same custom, how can you ensure your clients rebook with you.The truth Is that retaining your current customers is much easier than constantly trying to attract new ones. Clients will typically start with you for send years on average. From this point on either, they will phase out and stop booking appointments or they will continue to visit you indefinitely. Clients who remain with your business after this timeframe are unlikely to go elsewhere. The question is, what is the best way to achieve this?

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Kinesio taping as a part of the post-op treatment

The research proved that the Kinesio Taping method is highly effective in treating patients after abdominal surgery. The daily decrease of 2.5 percentage points in the abdomen circumference helped to relieve pain and reduce doses of painkillers. It is a scientifically based method that has as main objectives, in the areas of plastic surgery, to …

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30 Ways to be a successful beauty therapist

I have been in the beauty industry for the last 25 years. Somewhere along the way, I wrote tips on how to be a successful beauty therapist, and they still feel relevant today.  If you want to stay part of this growing industry, you need to have a business plan, strategy and better yourself every …