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How to release muscle tension and lower the stress levels – DIY?

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We can all agree at the moment life is very stressful. It is affecting each of us differently. We are short-tempered and anxious. We suffer from pure sleep patterns, headache, run down and tired, and our muscles are suffering the most, getting tight, knotty, and sore all over.

So, what can we do to help ourselves and lower the muscle tension?

1.Fist of all, make a conscious decision to relax.

It is essential to be truthful to yourself and admit that stress doesn’t do you any good. Accept that you need to relax, and only if you are grounded and calm, you will be able to turn the situation to your advantage.

2. Facial and scalp self-massage 

Facial and scalp massage is very beneficial when it comes to reducing stress, tension, and headaches. Besides being delightful for all our senses, this massage will balance your energy and make you feel well-rested and relaxed. 

3.Practice breathing exercise

We all hold our breath when we are stressed out. With correct and deep breathing, we are bringing enough oxygen into our bodies, giving our bodies a signal to calm and relax.

4. Reduce the caffeine intake 

Reduce the intake of fizzy drinks containing high caffeine levels because caffeine can increase anxiety. Instead, drink more water and herbal teas.

5. Get out and about

Don’t let yourself be bored and let your mind wander. Too much thinking, ruminating brings fears and anxiety.  Therefore, get out and about, feel your time with outdoor exercise, walks, and friends. 

If you would like to learn how to do facial maderotherapy self-massage, check out our personal education courses (no certification given).

Evidence based research shows that massage therapy is a therapeutic modality.  According to studies, cortisol (our stress hormone) decreases and serotonin (hormone that affects how we feel) increases following massage therapy. It has been noted that immediately following a massage session, and over a course of treatment, massage therapy can significantly alter the biochemistry of humans, release muscle tension and lower the stress levels.