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Roseline Academy currently offers the best online courses in body sculpting and maderotherapy (wood therapy). You will be taught by Jasmina, a world expert with over 20 years of beauty industry experience, and the first UK accredited wood therapy trainer with over 500 certified students in maderotherapy worldwide. More about Jasmina, read here

The difference between in-person and online courses, with all the pros and cons, you can find here

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Ice body sculpting

Ice Body Sculpting Online Training Course

What is Ice Body Sculpting?

Ice sculpting therapy AKA Herbal Ice Therapy, is a therapy where we apply a frozen lotion made with unique combination of herbs and clay and essential oils.


Wood Therapy Online Training (body)

Upscale your business with an extra 5k+ a month, by offering Wood therapy treatments. Start today your journey in this Billion -pound -a- day industry.


Nutrition & Exercise For Cellulite Reduction

Boost your energy levels, maintain healthy body weight, and improve your body image. Learn how to identify the bad eating habits, and encourage positive changes in your lifestyle.


Wood Therapy Self-Massage Body

Get that body you always wanted, and feel confident on the beach this summer. Learn how to do a Wood Therapy self-massage. Reduce cellulite, improve skin texture, improve circulation and snatch that waist!


Self Massage Facial – Roller & Gua Sha

Improve the overall skin appearance, in the comfort of your own home by performing facial self massage with jade or wooden roller, non – a surgical face lift.