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Roseline Academy currently offers the best online courses in body sculpting and maderotherapy (wood therapy). 

You will be taught by Jasmina, a world expert with over 20 years of beauty industry experience, and the first UK accredited maderotherapy trainer with over 100 certified students in maderotherapy worldwide. More about Jasmina, read here

The difference between in-person and online courses, with all the pros and cons, you can find here

Feel free to contact Jasmina for more information.

Note: Due to COVID-19 taking an online exam for an accredited certificate is possible over video.

wood therapy tools

Basic Wood Therapy: Body

Our Basic Maderotherapy Body Video Course will introduce you to wood therapy and body sculpting. You will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience on legs and abdomen.


Advanced Wood Therapy: Body

Our Advanced Maderotherapy Body Video Course will give you all-round knowledge and experience to perform wood therapy and body sculpting at the world’s highest level.


Nutrition And Exercise

Gain basic knowledge of nutrition and exercise in this online course, followed by short but very effective exercise sessions.

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Self-Massage Body

Take a full-body maderotherapy course to learn how to do cellulite reduction treatment on yourself.


Self-Massage Facial

A self-massage course on how to do a non-surgical facelift and rejuvenate your skin.