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Ice Body Sculpting Therapy

Ice body sculpting

Ice sculpting therapy is a 100% natural process involving thermogenesis. It is a fat-burning process that breaks down fat cells, allowing our body to relocate, remove some of the fat cells through the lymphatic system, or use them as an energy source, while contouring the body and tightening the skin.

The thermogenesis process occurs when skin receptors stimulate the nervous system when exposed to cold. Restoring the body to normal temperature by accelerating a rapid metabolism will generate heat and burn fat faster.

Ice Body sculpting lotions should be applied repetitively and effectively. This will result in inch loss, cellulite reduction, and toning of the skin.

Slim & Shape Body Sculpting Ice Lotion

Slim & Shape is a 100% organic product made with a delightful mix of invigorating herbs, essential oils, French green clay, and other natural ingredients. This fusion promotes circulation, fights against cellulite, and promotes fat burning in targeted areas. Skin will become firmer while contouring the body and feeding the skin with the much-needed minerals. It is used for all skin types.

Additional benefits are:

– reduces appearance of the cellulite 

– tightening the pores and removes impurities

– exfoliated the skin 

– reduces the inflammation

– exfoliated the skin 

– de-tox 

– reducing water retention 

– soften dry, rough skin

– stimulates connective tissue and elastin production 

– boosted lymphatic drainage 

– non-surgical inch loss  

– immediate results 

Since everyone has a different metabolic rate, results will vary from client to client. For the best results, we recommend following a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle.

If you wish to become a certified ice sculpting therapist contact us for more information.