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Top Tips: Facial tools

facial wooden tools

A few years ago, a face massage, let alone a face roller, would have baffled us, but now you would be the odd one out if you don’t have some type of face roller in your bathroom cabinet. 

Net a Porter saw 100% growth in facial rollers last year, and Cult Beauty report that order for facial rollers grew by 41%.

The accessories might be a recent addition, but the concept of facial massage is not. Dating back to ancients China, practitioners used acupressure techniques on the patients to promote health and vitality in their face and body. The western world might be late starters, but we started applying different massage techniques onto our faces in the last few decades.

Facial massage is also becoming part of the big events, like fashion shows and red carpet, to get skin glowing before makeup application. Wood therapy massages are strengthening the muscle fibers and give a more lifted structure to facial contours. This massage also removes toxins and helps drain and eliminate puffiness.  

Once you see what facial massage can do, especially wood therapy massage, it’s no wonder we all want in. Tight facial muscle can lead to aging because there is a reduced supply of oxygen and blood. You can see the difference after the first session, but muscles need to be re-educated to make results last; it is like changing muscle memory. 

It is important to remember, no matter how much facial massage you do, it cannot change your bone structure; be realistic about your expectations. 

Our Top Tips:

-Rose quartz, jade, or wood? 

Traditionally the crystal aligns with the Chines clock where the rose is linked to your hearth energy (most active between 11 am and 1 pm), and the jade is related to the yin yang of your body to help you balance your cells so you can use it day and night. The wooden roller can be used at any time, as wood is one of the five earth elements.

-If your choice is rose or jade, keep your tool in the fridge as the cooling sensation will nip inflammation in the bud.

-Try not to roller your face while you stare at your screen, as you will end up smearing all those desk germs, makeup, and bacteria across your skin.

-Always wash your tools after use.

Using facial rollers not only will slow down the aging process but will make you feel less stressed, as you are taking time for your self, and that has a positive impact on your mental health; I can advocate for that.