Three best exercises for cellulite reduction

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Lunges are incredibly effective for thighs and gluteus provided that you do them correctly. Make sure that you keep breathing the whole time, and that your knee does not go over your toes. If you want this exercise to be more cardio workout, you can do jumping lunges instead. Jumping will help your blood circulation and be even more efficient against cellulite. They require strength and stability, and so they might need some practice! 


Squats are a complete exercise against cellulite, focusing on thighs and gluteus. Perform them slowly to focus on muscle work. The best advantage of squats is that there are so many variations; you cannot get tired of them! Indeed, you can vary the type of squats in your workouts: jumping squats, sumo squats, ballet squats, etc. and all of them target a different, but useful part of the gluteus and thigh muscles.  

Wall Sit 


Toning your body will help you get rid of cellulite or at least reducing its appearance. The wall sit exercise is particularly useful because your gluteus and thighs support your bodyweight. If you have trouble holding the position, do more shorter sets (example: instead of 3 set for 45s, do 4 sets for 30s). On the contrary, if this exercise feels too easy, you can hold it for a longer time (1 min or more). You can also add wights or squeeze a ball between your legs to make the exercise more challenging.