In-Person Course

After compilation of the course, you will receive an accredited Maderotherapy certificate and will acquire competence in wood therapy and ice body sculpting. 

This course is an upgraded qualification for a massage therapist, which certainly gives you an edge in the beauty industry since this is new, but very effective anti-cellulite treatment on the market. 

We do require basic massage training before enrolling in this course. More details on in-person training find here

After completing training in person, you will have an exam and receive an accredited certificate. The exam consists of performing the whole treatment from beginning to end. 

Pros:  Everyone is coming to training with a different background. By doing face-to-face training, the teacher can focus on your weaknesses, and the lesson can progress at your speed. The teacher can make sure that you are leaving the classroom confident in performing the treatment on your clients.

Cons: If you are not based in the North West of England or if the training is no organized close to your home (for example, London, Manchester or Amsterdam), you might need to travel and add travel expenses and accommodation to the training expenses. We do require a necessary massage certificate before enrolling in the course. 

Online Course

There is an online training version available as well, for those of you who can’t travel or prefer leaning from the comfort of your own home at your speed.

You don’t need to hold a massage therapist diploma, except in the case that you wish to take the exam for an accredited diploma. 

I cover the same aspects of the in-person training with additional lessons in nutrition and detailed exercise theory and workout plan. You will also get a self-massage training video for yourself and discounted rates for your clients. 

If you wish to obtain an accredited diploma after completing the online version of the course, you will have to take an exam. That can be arranged for an extra cost of 65GBP. On the exam, you will have to perform treatment on the model, following all the health and safety regulations. If you have any additional questions regarding the online course, feel free to contact us.

Pros: You make the schedule when to learn from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to spend extra money on travel or accommodations. 

Cons: By doing online training, no one will check on you and your progress. No one will point out the possible incorrect technique. The certificate after completion of the online course is valid but not eligible for insurance unless you take an exam to obtain an accredited diploma needed for insurance purposes. 

If you learned Maderotherapy elsewhere and you wish to take the exam and upskill, or if you want to take a refresher course, contact us for more details.