Jasmina is the founder of Roseline Academy and an expert in the health, beauty, and fitness industry for over 25 years.

Bellow, you can find her official credentials and experience.

Jasmina’s credentials:

BARBICIDE COVID-19 Certification

Certified and accredited beauty teacher 
First accredited maderotherapy teacher in UK
Maderotherapy body treatment  
Maderotherapy face treatment  
Lymphatic drainage massage therapy
Nutrition coaching
Personal performance coaching
Elemis face and body training
Chemical peels training
Dermaplaning training
Bachelor Degree in Sports sciences and recreation activities 


Jasmina’s experience:

Age 41 – Present: Spa manager
Age 35 – Present: Beauty therapist coach; working with private clients in fitness, nutrition, and beauty field
Age 33 – Age 35: Completed Personal Development Coaching Academy, while still working with private clients
Age 29 – Age 33: Personal trainer and nutritionist for private clients
Age 26 – Age 29: Transitioned to the Beauty department at a luxury cruise ship as a Massage Therapist and Assistant Spa Manager; a certified therapist in Maderotherapy
Age 24 – Age 26: Fitness Director at the luxury cruise ship; certified in additional courses for facial and specialized massages
Age 24: Sold fitness studio
Age 23: Bachelor’s degree in Sports science and recreational sports
Age 22: Completed Massage Therapy School
Age 19: Owner of a fitness studio; enrolled at University of Sport Sciences
Age 18: Personal trainer and fitness instructor; certified nutritionist