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Massage for faster post-op recovery


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) treatment gives your body and mind the crucial support it needs for recovery after aesthetic surgery. 

Research shows that MLD accelerates clients healing process, decreases recovery time, and combat infection by improving circulation, increasing metabolic rate, and improving immunity. 

A post-op lymphatic drainage massage is an essential treatment before and especially after the surgery. In the days before the procedures, massage will increase the function of the lymphatic system, and break down the compact adipose tissue, which will make surgeons job easier with less tissue damage during the procedure and prepare the body for the recovery process. 

During the surgery, some of the lymph nodes can be damaged or removed. Damage or blockage of the lymphatic system can increase swelling and pain. A massage can help a client’s post-surgery recovery by encouraging an increase in healing, stimulating the lymphatic drainage, and breaking down scar tissue. After the surgery, a client can often experience pain, inflammation, and scarring.

One of the common complications is seroma.  Seroma is present after the most diverse surgical procedures and is defined as the accumulation of fluids near the scar region. 

It can be avoided and/or treated, to avoid any discomfort for the patient in this post-surgery period. 

Seroma can be treated by:

-Manual lymphatic drainage, by its stimulating movements, helps the body to eliminate excess fluids generated by surgery (seroma) which the body has difficulty draining naturally.

-Via needle drainage (to be preform by an experienced professional, doctor, or nurse.

If you are planning the aesthetic surgery, try to do everything you can to be well prepared, and informed for what to expect after the procedure, to avoid possible complications and disappointment. Contact us for a free consultation on post-op recovery packages, together we can tailor the best pre- and post-surgery treatments to maximize results with minimal recovery time.