Lymphatic Drainage

Let’s talk about Post-surgery lymphatic drainage, and Post-op care. 

It’s not always smooth sailing, sometimes 5 sessions will be enough on the recovery journey, but other times even 20 are not enough.  

Shame this picture cannot talk, I would love you to hear the client’s relief, improved range of movements lightens, and smile on her face when she gets off the table.

MLD and the post-op process help reduce swelling, inflammation, and pressure on incisions.

This technique helps improve blood circulation so the new nutrients and oxygen can reach the region, speeding the healing process, and reducing the risk of infection and complications. Especially in the case of liposuction and tummy tuck, lymphatic drainage and post-op care are recommended to prevent the accumulation of fibrosis in the abdominal area after the aesthetic procedure.

Post-op care is not only a few MLD massages, it’s way more than that, and consists of many different techniques.

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) is great to start with, but once the fibrosis starts forming, we need to switch to special massage techniques to soften them up, and within this period we need to keep an eye on client’s home care regime, like compressions garments and lifestyle.  That is a time when we introduce different techniques like K- taping, laser therapy, ultrasound, radio frequency, and bio-quantum energy healing.   

The client must wait for the ‘green light’ from the surgeon to initiate the treatment with MLD and post-op care after the surgery, each client requires an individual approach, and they are never two sessions the same.

If you are planning surgery and this is something that you might be interested in seeing me for, or taking our training course get in touch, and let’s have a chat about how I can help.