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Which facial products should we keep in the fridge?

Looking after skin with cold facial products and tools has been well known in Asian culture for centuries. The cooler temperature is prolonging the product’s shelf life, calming the skin and helping better absorption. 

1.Products that you made yourself.

It is less likely that they contain preservatives; By keeping them in the fridge, products will stay at a consistent temperature, lowering the bacteria growth and prolonging their shelf life.

2. Products with an active ingredient.

Skincare products often have a high concentration of active ingredients, such as vitamin C and retinol.  If they are exposed to heat and light, they are disintegrating fast.

That is the main reason we should keep them in a cold and dark place. 

3. Sheet mask for eyes and face. 

The cooling effect is helping to reduce puffiness, skin irritation, and lymphatic drainage. No matter if the mask is for hydration or anti-aging, keeping them in the fridge will help their effectiveness.   

4. Organic skincare with probiotics.

Natural, organic skincare does not contain many conservatives or does not contain them at all in the same cases. That can speed up the growth of the bad bacteria inside the product and bring more skin problems. For that reason, keep them cool. 

5. Beauty tools – finally, my favorite subject!

By keeping ice globes, jade rollers, and ice masks in the fridge, you will use those tools to their full potential.

By cooling them down, you will enhance their benefit in the fight against puffiness, inflammation, and dark circles. 

Do you keep your skincare range cool?