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Facial massage for faster recovery after nose job (rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty, or commonly known as a nose job, is becoming one of the routine surgeries, not only for the nose deviations but also for aesthetic reasons. The procedure itself is quite short, as opposed to the recovery. Swelling is present 3-6 months after the surgery, and it takes a whole year for a nose to heal completely.

I followed the rhinoplasty/septoplasty journey of one of my regular clients, where the surgery was more complicated than usual; therefore, recovery was much longer and complicated.

She is only interested in holistic approaches, which is why she became my client in the first place. After reading more on what body went through during and after the surgery, I realised that I might have a way to make the recovery process a lot faster. 

I asked her if she would let me try manual, facial lymphatic drainage, followed by wood therapy rollers. She agreed. I was doing lymphatic drainage, in combination with wood therapy, daily. Sometimes I used jade or quartz roller because they were cooler, and the surface was smaller. 

The results were so good that we could not believe our eyes. The swelling was going down so quickly, and the treatment itself had such a calming effect on the client, as she used to say, it was like a meditation session.

 I believe that each rhinoplasty patients should learn proper techniques to massage their nose beginning three weeks after their nose job. Here’s my reasoning to do so:

-The main issue with rhinoplasty is prolonged swelling after the procedure; it can take up to a year to fully heal. Faster the swelling goes away, faster the healing. 

-Swelling that remains in tissue becomes scar tissue.

-Scar tissue can and does blunt and change the nose’s surgically created shape from what the Rhinoplasty procedure was able to achieve.

-Removing the swelling, on a daily basis, does decrease the overall amount and time that the swelling is within the nasal.

-Giving patients the ability to massage their noses after rhinoplasty empowers patients to control the asymmetric swelling that occurs after each rhinoplasty and limiting the amount of scar tissue formation. That itself will make the client more confident. Nasal/facial massage, after rhinoplasty, is a no brainer, and I can’t imagine why any rhinoplasty surgeon wouldn’t spend time explaining to patients how to do it.

Since working with that client, I had many other clients who as well showed progress immediately. Some preferred me to do the treatment, and to some, it was more convenient to do the treatment themselves from the comfort of their home.

If you are unsure of the technique yourself, all you need is jade/ quartz /wood facial roller. Because of high interest, we made a short online course on how to do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home, to achieve the best possible result from your rhinoplasty. For more questions, feel free to contact me. 

Note: After the first or second lymphatic drainage, all retained liquid in the swollen area, started to move. Lymphatic channels were blocked and could not support such amount of passing lymph fluid. Therefore my client’s eye got swollen for two days. We kept going on with the treatment to unblock the lymphatic channels, and enforce the liquid to move. The very next treatment, we noticed tremendous progress, all lymphatic channels started to work efficiently, and every next treatment was a step forward on the healing journey. 

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