Accredited In-person Course

After completing the maderotherapy course, you will receive an accredited certificate and will acquire competence in wood therapy and ice body sculpting.

More information on the course, one-on-one and group training find here.



Accredited Maderotherapy Exam

If you completed the maderotherapy course online or elsewhere, but you are missing accredited certification, we are offering the in-person accredited exam.  

Price of the exam is 65 GBP. 

Master Class

A Maderotherapy Master Class is a class given to students by an expert where the fine skills are being developed. That is the class where experience students can share and build upon their knowledge as well as learn about maderotherapy innovation.

A certificate of participation is given to all students. 

Some information on Master class you can find here

Guest Speaker

If you are looking to book a beauty, nutrition, or fitness expert for your event, Jasmina will be happy to collaborate with you. 

Refresher Training In Maderotherapy

For those of you who completed a maderotherapy training a long time ago, or need a confidence boost in your skills, refresher training is a fantastic place to start. 

3-months Nutrition and Exercise plan

This plan is a tailored program that will help change your lifestyle and achieve your health and body goals. 

After a FREE consultation, if you decide to move forward with the plan, Jasmina makes a program for you and then follows your progress with weekly online meetings.